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Choices Stories You Play Cheats

Pixelberry has brought one game in the Android and iOS market that is altogether different from the conventional game genre. Instead, it can be said a game with storytelling and simulation. Choices stories you play is one such game that will engulf you with hundreds of stories.

When you play the game, you will become a character of the game. You need to take decisions and based on that the story will flow. However, there are Choices Cheats get better endings.

There are different stories in the game, and each one is oriented in a way that will not follow the same path. Love, drama, adventure and many more stories are available in the game. Pixelberry claims that the game is another form of reading a book where you can write the screenplay and the ending.

However, all these do not come free, and hence a game economy is created. The basics of the story reading game are managed through two aspects. Either you can read continuously and finish them at one shot. To do so, you will require keys.

Another Choices stories you play hack in the gameplay is to change decisions and make different stories. That will require diamonds.

So, if you start playing the game, either you need to acquire unlimited keys and diamonds for which you have to spend real money. Or else you can use Choices Stories You Play Cheats to earn these items and play the game.

Choices Cheats & Hack For Unlimited Free Diamonds Keys

How to Get Free Keys in Choices?

Diamonds and keys are the two essential elements in the game that will allow you to play the game the way you want. To read a new chapter in the game, you have to use one key. But there will be only three keys available with you maximum.

  • Keys are automatically regenerated in the game, and every three hours you get one key. But the replenishment of key starts when you are less than two keys and stops when you have three Keys in your possession. No choices app hack can give you unlimited keys.
  • So, the first Choices stories you play hack in the game is to keep the Key regeneration working every time. Which means we need to keep the number of keys at any time less than two.
  • The Choices stories you play hack to do so is to start reading three chapters at any time. Start reading one Chapter and use one key. After that exit from the Chapter and start another chapter in a different story. In this choices game hack, you will be able to use up all three keys at a time.
  • All these chapters that you unlock at any time are minimum ten to twenty-five minutes in duration. So, to complete all three Chapters, you will be engaged for most of the time, when the key will be regenerated. So How to do the best use of the rest of the time. You need to use Choices stories you play Cheats to get the additional keys.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Choices?

Diamonds are another precious item in the game. You need to work hard to earn a lot of diamonds in the game. You can use choices game hack and collect these diamonds.

  • All these diamonds are required to make decisions that can be efficient and precious. You can buy more dresses and looks through diamonds. Also, you can use Choices game Cheats to earn diamonds, but you have to be very careful in spending them.
  • There are not many Choices stories you play hack to get diamonds except completing every Chapter. You will get two diamonds after you finish reading the Chapter.

Choices Cheats & Tips to Play the Game

Create Your Best Look

In a storytelling app, the best tips that need to be followed is to keep a smart look of your protagonist. Be it your college mate or your soul mate the best look makes a difference. In Choices also that rule follows.

In the game, you will find various ways to create the best look of your character. You will require the best attire to make your look fresh all the time. However, to look new, you may need to spend some choices stories you play free diamonds. But, If you know the Choices app Cheats to earn diamonds that can be done comfortably.

But we advise you not to spend a lot of diamonds in the beginning. Diamonds are a valuable item in the game, and you must pay them with care.

Improve Relationship With Others

Choices stories you play is all about relationship, and you need to make appropriate choices hack that actually works in the game to create a perfect relationship. Choices Cheats to maintain a relationship is merely to study the character and try to charm them.

Don’t try to be different than the role you are playing in the game and always make choices accordingly. You must understand the story and the characters and that is the essential Choices stories you play hack.

Take Timely Decisions

Some of the decisions are time-bound, and they expire after a specific time. However, there is no way to know which decisions are time-bound. So, you need to be alert and swift in making choices in the game. The best Choices Cheats here are to make decisions for all the path promptly.

You must be similar to the character in the game. Most of these decisions don’t require diamonds to spend. But there are situations when you need to use them. Don’t worry; you can recover them with Choices game Cheats.

Replay Has No Benefit

Some player might think that through playing one chapter, again and again, they will collect the diamonds at the end. You will be prompted in the game also to replay the Chapters. No Choices Cheats are available that will give you rewards after you replay the Chapter.

Furthermore, you will spend one key for replaying the Chapter. So, when you are using all sort of way that is required to consume for new Chapter, then why to consume it after old ones. You can read one new Chapter with that.

Switch Story And Play

The Choices stories you play hack to play the game is already explained early. You need to spend the keys wisely and always keep the Key timer to replenish on.

To switch the Chapter, you need to exit from the current story by tapping the home button. The home button is to the top left of your screen. Pressing the home button will navigate you towards the library, and from that, you can choose the other ones.

You must not worry about switching the game. Your current progress in this Chapter will be automatically saved, and you will start from that point in the game even you shift and play another story.

Collect Rewards

There are Choices Cheats in the form of rewards that are not known to many players. There is a reward icon available in the game, and you will get diamonds. Daily the rewards are refreshed, and you will get different rewards completing the tasks that are specified there. Primarily the job is to watch videos, and through that, you can collect five diamonds. Once you complete the first video watching, you can unlock the next.

It is a daily Choices stories you play hack, and you must follow it. Even you do not have the chance to play the game; you must watch these commercials and collect five diamonds.

Watch Ad and Collect Diamond

Watching ads is the most comfortable Choices stories you play hack that you will get after completing every Chapter. Apart from the specified two diamonds, you can collect another one diamond if you watch a commercial. So, when you have a scarcity of diamonds, you can use these Choices Cheats that work.

But if you are playing the game with Choices stories you play hack apk files, your opportunity will be limited in this case. You won’t get sufficient ads to watch and lose these diamonds.

Spend Diamonds Cautiously

In the game, there are always options which do not require you to spend diamond. So, you don’t need to play that diamond and take chances. You can play the game without spending the diamond and taking the other route. Still, you will be able to make the story.

However, there is some cheat where you need to spend diamonds. When you require a specific dress, and you can’t go further, You must use diamonds.

Connect With Facebook

You must protect your game from losing. To do so, you have to connect with Facebook. There are other benefits also to play the game with a Facebook account. You can switch the device and play in different forms. All you need to use the same account of the game. So, if you want to play the game on PC and mobile simultaneously, you must connect with Facebook.

Play the Game in Legal Way

How to hack choices stories you play without human verification? Many players are trying to play the game with mod apk. They want to gain Cheats to collect diamond through this format. You may also be fascinated to see the advertisements of choices stories you play hack no human verification that is posted by these sites.

The game is expanding daily, and new chapters are releasing. So, when you are playing through the different form of the play, you will not get these updates. Also, there is a huge chance to be banned in the game.

Wrap Up

Choices is an excellent game due to various reasons. Firstly, the game has a wide variety of stories, and you would find a story of your kind.  Using the above Choices Cheats, you can earn choices stories you play free diamonds and complete more chapters in the game.

Another reason for its popularity is its expansion. You will get a chapter every week, and hence you will have more opportunity to nourish your virtual life. So, don’t hesitate, start playing the game from today and unveil the best of romantic stories.