choices stories you play walkthrough

Reading story in gamified fiction is the new way of going through a phase of virtual life. Choices: Stories you play is one such excellent game in android and iOS made by Pixelberry that creates a mesmerizing feeling. Hundreds of stories are already available in the game, and new tales are unlocked regularly.

Here we will provide you with the Choices Stories You Play Walkthrough and how to play the game efficiently.

Start Playing the Game Legally

To play the game, you need to get it from legal sources like Google Play Store or iOS App Store. There are many untrustworthy sources available on the internet, but we suggest you avoid them. If you play through Choices hack apk, you won’t find the updated stories in the game.

Choose a Story to Play

There are various stories in the game, and also new chapters of these stories are added every week. The foremost thing that you need to do is start a story of your liking. You will find drama category, romance or adventure stories, and they are all having similar exciting stories. You can read the summary of each story as you go to the thumbnail. Click on the Story thumbnail you select, and you can start playing it immediately.

Keys Are Essential

In the game, you will require keys to read one chapter. The number of keys you possess is shown at the top bar of the display. Keys are automatically replenished in the game, and you will get one Key every two hours. So, when your key count is less than two, the Key generating clock starts and fills the Key meter.

Earn Diamonds Through Daily Tasks

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. There are various choices cheats in the game, and you can collect them after reading story chapters.

Diamonds are given free for watching an ad in the game. Daily these tasks get refilled, and you can collect diamonds after you watch a video entirely.

Create Your Character

You will play the role of a character in the game, and you need to customize it after you start playing the game. Build your character similar to the storyline and never overpower it through gala looks. Some of these looks are free to choose, and some require diamonds to buy.

Diamonds are precious, and you should not spend them at the very beginning. Start with a free look as you can change it any time. You must keep altering your look frequently according to the screenplay.

Build a Relationship

The game rolls over creating a relationship with different characters. You need to take proper decisions in the game and create a perfect relationship. Make a choice that can improve your love or friendship. When you create an ideal relationship, you will find a Heart or Star sign.

Timely Decisions

Some of the choices that are given to you are time-bound. They disappear after a few seconds. So, it would be best if you were fast in choosing one of them. If you fail, the game will take the most ordinary decision. Common decisions do not turn your story to an extraordinary ending.

Do Not Spend Diamonds Always

Diamonds are precious, and you should use them carefully if you want to play the game free. There will always be options to choose with diamonds or without. Even not all the choices come with spending diamond. So, it would help if you made proper decisions while consuming them.

You can also purchase diamonds from the store. If you are completely engrossed in the game and do not mind spending some dollar to know the next part, you can add diamonds through in-app purchases.

Read Multiple Stories

You can read various stories simultaneously. Your progress will be saved for each Book, and when you start next time, you will go to that moment where you ended.

You can tap on the home button at the upper left corner of your display and go to the library. From the library, you can start reading another story. You will find a place in the library showing the current books you are reading. Select the one you choose to play and start reading.

Collect diamonds after you finish a chapter of your story. You will find a prompt to watch a video and collect some more diamonds.

Replay Requires Keys

Restarting a chapter or replay any story is not free. You have to spend keys again and start from the beginning. Also, you won’t find the diamonds still free in the game. So, grinding is not an option to collect more diamonds.

Final Words

Choices stories you play has become popular already, and through the above Walkthrough, you will realize how to play the game efficiently.  If you have not played the game yet start immediately. Also bind your account with Facebook, so that you can show off the looks you create in the game to your friends.